The Top Three


For every family in the 41st District the most important issue is the education of our children. Achieving high standards of excellence by fully funding education is vital to the success of our state’s future leaders. We made an unprecedented investment by adding $8 billion to our education budget. Currently, the full benefits of this investment are not being realized, with non-optimal graduation rates and test scores. Our children in the 41st district deserve the best education we can offer. In Olympia, I will advocate for your children’s education. Vote Michael Appleby for 41st District State Representative.

Fiscal Responsibility

We are experiencing unprecedented economic and population growth in the 41st District and Washington State. Our economy is booming, with the State collecting record revenue. With responsible spending and putting a little aside into our Rainy Day Fund, we can prosper in the 41st. The latest legislative session failed to put any of last year’s $1.3 billion surplus into savings. In Olympia, I will advocate for your surplus allocation to a Rainy Day Fund, and support a reduction in property taxes. A vote for Michael Appleby is a vote for fiscal responsibility.


The 41st District needs to get moving! We’ve spent millions and traffic is still stuck! I will advocate for an immediate halt to tolling on I-405 and stop tolling measures for South-405. Sound Transit needs a Board of Directors elected by the people. I also support recalculating car tab fees based on real values, not inflated ones.

Michael is passionate about safe neighborhoods, great schools and a transportation system that works for everyone. He is a lifelong advocate of freedom and prosperity for all and is excited to serve you and your family as the next state representative in the 41st District.

Other Issues

Public-Records Act

Everyone pays lip service to openness and transparency in our government, but when the time came our two sitting legislators voted for Senate Bill 6617 with no hearings and no debate. That bill would shield any and all government communication on taxpayers’ dime from disclosure. Any elected member of our government who voted for the Public-Records Act should not be returned to office. READ MORE

PSE Powerlines

Some claim that high power lines are harmful to health. The science on this is unclear, so we take no position on it. Here’s what we do know. A powerline right-of-way studded with tall towers cuts right through the middle of our district. We can’t change that. Puget Sound Energy wants to replace the towers with new ones that are twice as high. They will be huge and unsightly. They will destroy the view for many. They will hurt the property values of all the homes around them.

PSE as not been forthright about the costs and effects of these powerlines, or for the need. The 41st district doesn’t need this extra power capacity – it is simply “passing through” and being sold elsewhere. There are alternative routes PSE could use to transmit electricity that would have less harmful effects on their surroundings. Our current legislators claim this problem is out of their hands. Yet they have taken thousands of dollars in contributions from Puget Sound Energy over the last several years. Who are they representing, Puget Sound Energy or the voters in the 41st District? To top it off, Puget Sound Energy is now running their own corporate Public Relations Director for this seat. Who will she represent?

Lower Taxes

We live in a wonderful place with a wonderful quality of life. This costs money, which means taxes. Taxpayers in the 41st District have always been generous, and when a need arises to rebuild a school, fix a road, fund the Fire Department, or any of the other things that make this a great place to live, the money has been there. But now taxes are getting out of control. Skyrocketing property values have generated a windfall of property taxes for our city and state, but it apparently is not enough. Our government wants to raise rates as well, without knowing what the tax will be spent on. New taxes are proposed to get us to drink less soft drinks, to drive our cars less, and for “fairness.” These are inappropriate reasons to impose new taxes. We will work to lower property taxes for all taxpayers, and will oppose a state income tax, capital gains tax, and any “Head Tax”.

Safe Injection Sites

The City of Seattle is a giant safe injection site. How is that working out? Our goal is to keep our district from turning into another Seattle. Anything that makes it easier to distribute, obtain, or use heroin is bad for our kids and and bad for our neighborhoods.

Low Barrier Men’s Shelter

This is a tough issue. The homeless are here with us. No one should have to go to bed hungry in our town. No one should have to sleep outside in a tent. The Bellevue City Council decided to build a low barrier men’s shelter in a neighborhood without telling the residents, and attempted to approve permits and funding with no input from the communities. Now they have a mess on their hands. We can’t solve this problem unless the entire community works together with the city and state governments.

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