Michael Appleby

You deserve a better choice for your next state legislator.

I’m Michael Appleby. I want to bring bi-partisanship, responsible fiscal policy, and effective investment to our state government. Our economy is currently one of the strongest in the nation, with state tax revenues exceeding all projections this year. Our legislature must handle our surplus responsibly. Fully funding education is a strong investment in our community which benefits everyone, not just our students. Voters in the 41st District know that transportation is getting worse here, and your investments have not seen positive results. We need to take a new approach to our traffic problems. Vote Michael Appleby for 41st District Representative, and I will fight in Olympia for your quality of life.

Fiscal Responsibility

We are experiencing unprecedented economic and population growth in the 41st District and Washington State. Our economy is booming, with the State collecting record revenue. With responsible spending and putting a little aside into our Rainy Day Fund, we can prosper in the 41st. The latest legislative session failed to put any of last year’s $1.3 billion surplus into savings. In Olympia, I will advocate for your surplus allocation to a Rainy Day Fund, and support a reduction in property taxes. A vote for Michael Appleby is a vote for fiscal responsibility.


Achieving high standards of excellence by fully funding education is vital to the success of our state’s future leaders. We made an unprecedented investment by adding $8 billion to our education budget. Currently, the full benefits of this investment are not being realized, with non-optimal graduation rates and test scores. Our children in the 41st district deserve the best education we can offer. In Olympia, I will advocate for your children’s education. Vote Michael Appleby for 41st District State Representative.


The 41st District needs to get moving! Despite massive voter support in the 41st for transportation improvements, traffic is still stuck. I will advocate for an immediate halt to tolling on I-405 and stop tolling measures for South-405. Sound Transit needs a Board of Directors elected by the people. I also support recalculating car tab fees based on real values, not inflated ones. Together, we can change the direction of Olympia partisanship. Together, we will improve the 41st district. Together we will thrive. Vote Michael Appleby for Washington State Representative in the 41st District!

Everyone wants to be heard. Michael Appleby is listening.

Michael Appleby is running for the open seat as State Representative in the 41st district. He is a longtime advocate for community issues, among them education, transportation and fiscal responsibility. In his early days he was a Mechanic/Machinist and UAW member for eleven years. Born in Connecticut, he has lived and worked in Washington for twenty years. A Bellevue resident, he lives in the Cougar Mountain neighborhood with his wife and two teenage daughters.

A graduate of the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT, Bachelor of Science, Business Economics, Minor in Finance. Michael is currently a small business owner and investor. He was with Prudential Financial as Regional Vice President for 19 years, where he specialized in helping Financial Advisors with retirement planning for their clients.

Michael is a Board Member for the Tillicum Middle School PTA; President, Cougar Crest HOA; supporter and volunteer for local non-profit groups, including Bellevue Schools Foundations, Childhaven, Imagine Housing, Hopelink, Eastside Academy, Vision House, Union Gospel Mission, Cystic Fibrosis Walkathon, and Jubilee Reach.